The Performing Arts Complex of Delaware County

It is with deep regret that we announce after 8 amazing years, Stage One is closing for good. And it is happening NOW.

Fearful of mold issues, Nether Providence Township has decided to close the entire building at 101 Plush Mill Road as of today 9/21/2018.

We will try to call or email everyone who has made arrangements to rehearse or perform here but we may miss someone. We encourage you to call or email if you don’t hear from us within 1-2 weeks.

Deposits will be returned. Performance groups will be able to get into the building to collect props, supplies, etc., if you have anything stored there.

We are auctioning equipment and supplies. Please take a look and bid on items that will be useful for your organization:

We encourage you to share this with everyone in your group and any other performing arts groups who might be interested. We want all our things to go to performing groups if possible.

The auction ends Tuesday October 23 at 8pm EST.

This has been an amazing journey. We are so proud of all we accomplished and are so grateful for the relationships and support we’ve been able to cultivate. We encourage all of you to continue creating affordable spaces for performance and cultural events. The arts and your communities need you!

Much Love,
Alfred & Eleanor Hurd