The Vision—One Home for Many Arts

A Performing Arts Complex in Delaware County open to the entire community that will provide high production values for performing arts organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Why Delaware County?

Delaware County is rich in performers and performing groups struggling to find available affordable venues on predictable schedules. Space is usually found on a limited basis in schools or churches. The technology of these spaces does not support the needs of these groups and amenities are inferior for audiences.

Delaware County and beyond…

This project has its roots in the Rose Valley Chorus & Orchestra’s 100-year search for a reliable adequate performance space for its fully-staged musicals. Founded in 1907, the RVC&O had to relocate its performances a staggering 28 times. As a retirement project, two RVC&O ex-presidents, Alfred and Eleanor Hurd, decided to address the problem. The key was finding other community performing arts groups facing the same dilemma: The need for consistent performance and rehearsal space at reasonable prices with adequate theater technology.

With so many groups needing space, there was a sufficient number of performers to fill and justify a dedicated performing arts center. These included bands and orchestras—both adult and student—music theater, opera, drama, social dancing, ballet, and choruses. But a theater alone would not accommodate this kind of variety appropriately. Thus, the concept of a performing arts “complex” arose: A multi-venue building with a range of spaces for a range of needs. With help from pro bono professionals, the organization was incorporated as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. A varied and experienced Steering Committee was formed and an Advisory Committee recruited.

On December 1, 2010, a facility was established in the former Summit School building in Wallingford and called “Stage One”, where we reside on lease agreement today.

The initial set of about twenty performing arts groups grew consistently: As of July 2015, over 90 groups had used the space. And they weren’t just local groups. We rent to performing arts organizations from all over Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and as far away as Taiwan.

The Performing Arts Complex of Delaware County has become more than just a small facility for a few groups to rehearse and perform. It’s become a center of creative activity for performers and patrons alike.